Friday, June 15, 2012

came back :|

Today is 15th of June 2012.
yea, already passed 2 months i broke up with my ex :|
but still, i can't love other. But my ex already can like other girls. :(
yesterday, we chat all night until 00.00 :|
i cried because of he. the reason i cried for many times only because of my ex :|
i want fall in love with other guy too. but my heart can't do it. my mind tell me to like other but my heart dont want it. :(
haaahhh , too many things that running together and messed up my mind. feel a bit lazy to think it one by one, because it connected each other. :|
dont know what to do with my heart :|
i miss him so much.. but there no one agree with my feelin and my relationship with him.
hahahaha :)
feelin a bit dizy, so good bye :)

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